Monday, June 23, 2014

WaTac Weekly

June 23, 2014   3:07 pm EDT.  Week 16   WaTac Weekly

Cassell and I had exchanges this week (our favorite...?) which kind of throws everything off - so this week has been very long. Lacey was awesome to visit though; SO different from Parkland (but when you're comparing Parkland, everything is different).
Knocking in the sticks was interesting but a bit fruitless. But the people in Lacey certainly know good television.

Exhibit A:

Corey + Topanga forever:

We also had Park Day this week, which contrary to popular belief, doesn't mean that we get to contact at the park (which for the record, Parkland has no parks...). It's really just a walk-and-save-miles day, so no car.
- We get to street contact so much more because we're actually on the street (side note: pulling up alongside people walking down the street and asking if they'd like to be baptized isn't usually an effective tactic).
- It was actually sunny! No rain = good park day
- Talking to all the homeless people!
- We don't live in our walking in takes a good chunk of time on a surprisingly pedestrian-less road.
- Not being allowed to ride bikes...long story, but in short, Sisters are no longer given permission to bike on park days.
- Blisters/bugbites/etc.
- Talking to all the homeless people!

Updates on the progs:

Joe and his boys are doing great - Sister Weaver is an amazing missionary! She was such an asset to have at our lesson. Joe's little family has been coming to church and loving the Book of Mormon. He knows that it is the word of God and actually asked other churches why they weren't using it too.
It certainly gave Cassell and I a little chuckle, and an idea that we need to reiterate that this is Jesus Christ's church with him; he's not quite picking up on the cause and effect of the promise of the Book of Mormon quite yet...but I'm sure he will in time. 

We are also working with Ana, we've been on and off with her for the past few months but she has really had a push to truly rely on the Lord. The rest of her family joined the church last year and they are all going to the temple to be sealed this summer - coming to understand the importance of the temple and the impact of eternity has been a big motivating factor for her to really seek God's help in her life.

We're following up on some of the lessons we had with those without permanent housing, i.e. Collin from the tree at the corner of Pacific and Jack in the Box. (...our poor Area Book.) and Monica who walked into the Ward barbecue we had on Saturday and is looking for ways to get closer to God and further from her past addictions.

Sunday we had a Fireside in Olympia - President and Sister Weaver's last one. It was awesome. Everyone was touched by the music and the Spirit shared. It was a happy, weepy kind of experience for all involved.
It is very strange to think how real it is that they are leaving. They will be so missed!

It is always so good to see friends who have moved zones though!
Sister Langi with the photobomb, as per usual)


A big thank you to President and Sister Weaver for all the service they have rendered to this mission and to the Lord. I wish I could serve with them longer, but it's their time to bless more lives outside of the WaTac boundaries. It's only been a few months, but they've been miraculous ones, and they have already changed me.
If the Weavers do anything, they love. They love us, they love the people here, they love the Lord.

And don't worry, I will love and welcome the President and Sister Blatter with an open heart and open arms - but loved, and was loved by, the Weavers first.

- The Unlikely Parklandian

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