Monday, June 9, 2014

Transfers up

June 9, 2014  3:17 EDT   Week 14 Transfers up

What a week.

First things first - Cassell and I got our transfer calls...and we are both staying in Parkland!
This is crazy and unheard of and awesome all at the same time. We are two peas in a pod and we aren't finished with Parkland yet (:

On Saturday was Mira's baptism! Elder Teuscher and Elder Genereux (who are compsagain) up in Port Angeles were able to come all the way down for her baptism. She had all her missionaries there (:  All of us also sang "When I am Baptized" which was sweet and quite a Primary throwback.

Mira is just the sweetest girl. She is so in tune with the Holy Ghost and is such an example of Christlike charity. She is already fast friends with our investigators and recent converts. 

Our second baptism this weekend was Wayne, the cutest 84 year old man in the state of Washington. His family came in from all over the country, non-members included, and were all so supportive. His two grandsons and son-in-law all helped him in the font since he isn't as spry as he used to be (:

His grandchildren and great grandchildren were all there to support him too (:

​At the baptism, I was able to share about the Holy Ghost, the Restored gospel and that families are meant to be together for eternity. Our Bishop shared how Wayne is such an example of faith to his family; that it is never too late for us to start over, begin again and become who God wants us to b
We're going to miss our awesome district/zone because though we are staying, some of our best friends are moving on to new areas.
Take 1:
Take 2:

​Not much of an improvement...we're all a bit on the goofy side. But it works.

Things that make missions better:
1. Good companion
2. Good area
3. Good missionary work
Cassell and I were talking about how rarely do you get all three; we are beyond blessed to have a bit of a trifecta here in Parkland. This is the Lord's work and we are more than lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

We have to remember that being in the right place at the right time takes faith and action. One of my favorite poems by Christopher Logue (in honor of Guillaume Apollinaire) goes like this:

Come to the edge. 
We might fall. 
Come to the edge. 
It’s too high! 
And they came, 
and he pushed, 
and they flew.

When the Lord calls us, trust him enough to go to that edge; the edge of our comfort zone; the edge of our experience; the edge of our capability. Allow Him to be the force that lifts you beyond what you could ever do on your own.
Leaps of faith are sometimes closer to nudges (or pushes) that feel beyond our control, but how else would we ever learn to soar?

All my(our) love,

Buggy & Squintz

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