Monday, June 2, 2014

This is Wa -Tac. We baptize on and on.

June 2, 2014  4:00 EDT.  This is Wa-Tac.  We baptize on and on.

This week began with a twin day - mostly to annoy our DL, but also because Cassell and I randomly have the same clothes. We are slowly morphing into the same person.

Sometimes service activities mean we get to walk the most rambunctious dog in Parkland. World, meet Legend:

And more exciting than that, is sometimes we find random things while knocking

(and yes. I have squinty eyes. I am well aware.)

​But other than those adventures, life is grand. Two of our investigators are getting baptized this weekend right before the transfer ends. Our miracles haven't ceased! Wayne and Mira are both healthy (miracle in and of itself) and their families are supportive (almost a bigger miracle.)

At our ward's testimony meeting, our recent convert Chloe bore her beautiful testimony on strength, pain and peace we encounter in life; she is an amazing missionary and cannot wait to see part of the impact she will have on those around her. Chloe and Mindy are both speaking at Mira's baptism and our all our new members are becoming fast friends. They build each other up and are single-handedly transforming the Parkland ward with their love and encouragement.

We also had the Silverdale Fireside last night and it always amazes me how easily the spirit can bear witness of truth through testimony and music. 

I've been doing a lot of thinking about agency and the choices we face in this life as of late. Agency is the power to become. By choosing to follow the Savior, we are choosing to eternal life; choosing to fulfill our potential; choosing to use this time to grow in strength, in love and in faith. We will leave our legacy by our choices. 
God trusts us enough to let us choose - so we should trust Him, His guidance, and ourselves to become what He knows we can be. If what you are choosing to become isn't what God has in store for you, perhaps recognizing that the one with perfect and unlimited knowledge, power and love for His children probably (read: always) has something better in mind.

"The perfect place to begin is exactly where you are right now."
- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Love love love,

The Other Sister Bishop