Monday, June 30, 2014

A Brief Report

Week 17   June 30, 2014  3:11 pm EDT   A Brief Report

Another week:

The rain is back.
The Weavers are really gone.
The Blatters are officially here.
The work is moving along (slowly).
The month of July is already upon us.
The puppies are getting all grown up (but still snuggly, so don't worry)

Cassell and I were able to go to a reception for one of Cassell's recent converts; Toni and Aaron were sealed in the Seattle temple on Saturday - almost exactly one year after Aaron got baptized. The whole point of us doing missionary work is not just have people know Jesus or join the church or get baptized. It really comes down to giving others access to the blessings of the temple.

Besides not being able to distinguish between gunshots and fireworks (because they are currently being sold everywhere), life is pretty normal in Parkland. Not too many eventful things have happened this past week other than the Mission President switcheroo.
President John and Diane Blatter have taken over the WATAC and things have moved on smoothly. Cassell and I will officially meet them tomorrow which is awesome. I have high hopes for them (apparently President Blatter already knows all of the missionaries, companionships, areas and background information...they've been memorizing us for quite a while). 

(ain't they cute?)

We missed hearing President Weaver's voice over conference call last night, but as my little sister Becky (the other Sister Bishop) said last week:

"Life is good. Change is fun. God is great. 

I think she's pretty wise.
Stay safe this Independence Day, y'all. (As a missionary, I am no longer allowed to have Harry Potter duels with roman someone do it for me!)

- elizabeth