Monday, May 5, 2014

Viva La Tripanionship

May 5, 2014   Viva la Tripanionship   9:42 pm EDT

First things first: Happy Birthday Rachel! Happy Birthday Michael! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy Monday?

So this crazy week started with transfer meeting - it was also my first and last time to see the entire mission together for transfers (since we always have new rules left and right, and this was the last time all the missionaries will come for transfer meeting). It was awesome. Lots of testimonies. Lots of music. Lots of pictures. Lots of suit jackets. Lots of missionaries creating lots of heat in lots of pews in one little stake center.

We said goodbye to our counterpart as she took off for Bainbridge and for the first time in the history of ever, we all took a normal picture for the occasion:

In other news, we have had weather fit for Utah (read: bipolar). We reached 90 degrees and then plunged back into the rainy 50's less than 48 hours later. All the Azaleas in the vicinity are in full bloom so they are gorgeous despite whatever the skies do. Parkland is still crazy as ever, and the drivers can attest:

Casell and I have cleaned (read: purged) everything for this new transfer; apartment, car, closets, fridge, area book, everything. We are going to put Parkland through a baptism of fire (metaphorically speaking, of course) and we are working super hard to fill our teaching pool again (read: more knocking) since Chloe and Mindy were confirmed on Sunday (!) and Allen is getting baptized on Wednesday (oh yeahhh.).

We are also teaching a super cute Iraqi family right now and every bit of Arabic I can muster is coming in handy. Ashwaq speaks very little English, but her little son Hasune is a gem, and a wonderful translator.

I am super excited for Mother's Day and being able to talk to the parentals and hopefully the other Sister Bishop in the Philippines, so my nugget of spiritualness to leave with you all is actually from my mother dearest.

3 John 1:4
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Live in the truth. Walk in the truth. Nothing could make a parent more proud or filled with more happiness.
And if that applies to our parents here, how much more it applies to our Heavenly Father and all of us as His children as well.

Until next time,

Baby Bishop - who has hit her Two Month mark.
(I'm not sure if that makes me an toddler-missionary now, but if the boot fits)

P.S. a pint-sized hello from my fellow Parkland little ones, a.k.a. the best people in the ward

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