Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Miracles

Memorial Day Miracles. Tuesday May 27, 2014. 4:52 EDT

Hello world,

Another week, another email. I know you all are thrilled.

So this fantastic week consisted of:

A lot of street contacting

he wasn't interested.)

Ice cream from the supersketch ice cream three-wheelers that shouldn't ever be street legal.

Adventure is out there. And also inside that tiny cooler)

We had a super awesome zone conference down in Lacey. We also had car inspections, which meant that our Harry Potter wand hoslter (i.e. the nunchucks) were to be confiscated... 

Coming home to empty an empty mail box
(wink wink, nudge nudge)

But it puppies make it better

Yes, we know we have a problem. But they're just so darn cute.)​

But in all honesty, this week has been amazing. At our Zone Conference they asked us to take the time to seek out the mighty miracles God is already wanting to bless us with and just ask for them. Seek them and prepare for them. He loves his children. All of them. And He wants us to take part in bringing them home.

Some of the many miracles include:
- Wayne, a very old man has known that he wants to be baptized and be sealed to his wife but never felt he was ready, until he called us and asked when the soonest we could meet him and have him join the church
- Mira, a girl who was ready to be baptized a year ago but fell off the map because of serious health problems is now working with us and is ready to take another leap of faith
- We got a (clean/non-pet/non-smoke/dry/uninfected) couch from a street contact who wants us to come back
- We didn't get AIDs from a homeless woman who prayed with us!
- Our ward is feeding us (straight Mexican food, but they feed us nonetheless)
- Did I mention the puppies? (:

Don't be afraid to ask for, watch for and thank the Lord for the mighty miracles in your life.
Really. Do it.


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