Monday, May 19, 2014

Another week in P-town

Week 11   May 19, 2014. 2:35 pm EDT   Another week in P-town

A quick rundown of this week's shenanigans:
(Missionary work DOES happen, it just isn't always very photogenic)

                              ​(the closest thing to swimming I'll get for another year and a half...)

                                         (They exist, and they are used)

                                         Park benches:
                                        (Because who doesn't love quotes about Jesus)

                                         (We heart STL's)

                                         (Photo bombers)

                                         Or just fires:
                                         ​(happy year mark to Cassell and Jones!)


                                         Recent Converts:
                                          (Sunny skies and squinty eyes)

                                          Tacoma trucks:

                                         And Stranded Elders:
                                         ​(broken bikes make for strange encounters)
All in all, a good week in Parkland.

The work here is moving; lots of people we've been able to talk to, with lots of potential. We're sticking with 'em and hopefully we'll be able to keep teaching them. We have setbacks, but they're just that: setbacks, not permanent endings.

And a great quote from a far greater man:
"We are infinitely more than our limitations or our afflictions"
   - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Life is crazy and hectic and awesome and above all, I love you all. 
I love the Lord. I love that others are able to feel His love through this work.

Stay safe and stay strong.

Much love,

Sister Bishop

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