Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh Happy Day

May 12, 2014  3:03 pm EDT   Oh Happy Day!   

Fact: Mothers Day makes missionaries happy. 
Fact: Mothers Day makes missionary moms more happy. (and a little sad)

Catching up with the family included a lot of coordinating across continents and oceans, but the Sisters Bishop were able to call home at the same time due to the beauty of technology these days, we were even able to talk to each other (holding ipads up across from each other kinda works, btw).

The whole family was involved:

The other exciting thing that happened this week was Allen's baptism! This has been a long process, but we are so excited at how much he has grown and changed over the last few months.

Sister Davis (and a million other missionaries) were able to come to the baptism #reunited

Allen is joining ranks with some other amazing converts we have in the Parkland ward. We have officially started our weekly scripture study class with investigators/recent converts and it is so awesome how they are all becoming each others support systems. #fontbuddies

Cassell and I have enjoyed: having a few more sunny days in our area, being able to read crazy-stalker-letters sent to one of the Elders in our district over lunches, playing with the friendly dogs at peoples homes, and even doing prom hair/makeup for a less active girl in our ward.

Watching planes land and reading letters over cheap chinese food:

(Cassell has an obsession)

In short: Life is good. Moms are better.
I spoke in sacrament meeting about none other than the best woman I know. It's almost too easy when you have such a good example to rely on, but I know that I have learned more from her about God's love for me than anyone else.

Mothers teach by example, by pattern, by precept and through love.
Mothers bring to pass the mortality and earthly life that makes immortality and eternal life possible for God's children.
Mothers are absolutely essential in the work of salvation.

As a missionary, the work of salvation is kind of my entire life right now; and as I see it, a mother is really the first missionary in a child's life, the first one to see their child as Heavenly Father sees His child.

Who better can explain the infinite love God has for each of His children than the person who already loves that child so completely?

Who better can teach of Jesus Christ's perfect example than the one who 
is emulated and mimicked as a child grows?

Who better to show them how great their divine potential is than the mother who can already imagine and yearns for the greatness they are capable of becoming?

I know that as a child, I wanted to grow up and be just like my mom.
And as an adult, I still do.

Moms are love.

And in closing, a short poem about all those hardworking mamas out there from the one and only Mr. T:

There is no other
Like Mother
So treat her right
Treat her right!

Go hug your mom if you haven't already,
Sister Bishop

P.S. I love you guys.