Monday, April 28, 2014


#BeatLakewood.      April 28, 2014  3:14 EDT


The transfer is wrapping up and the Parkland sisters were able to have two more friends join the ward!

Chloe and Mindy are hawaiian/jewish/baptist bundles of joy that are pretty much the nicest people I have ever met. They are so happy to have the opportunity to bring others closer to Jesus Christ through their own conversion experiences. They are inspiring, and have stronger testimonies than half the people in the ward currently - they already have goals to get to the temple, do family history work, have ward callings, bring the rest of their family to the church and serve missions if possible. "The Ramblin' Rose Sisters" will surely set Tacoma on fire.

Though we had some chaotic hurdles to get baptism suits all week (let me know if you want the details.), the baptism went smoothly, they had so much support (seriously, we had more people at the baptismal service than our sacrament meeting yesterday), and they are already missionaries to their friends and family.

Mindy and  Chloe before baptism:

(Jesus tends to photobomb our baptism pictures, nbd.)

Other than the awesome baptisms this week, the work is still going strong. We keep knocking, seeking and finding people that are prepared. 
(emphasis on the knocking part. we do a lot of that here.)

People in Parkland don't always beat around the bush. Or like us very much. But we still love 'em anyways.

Lakewood zone has been the focus of the mission this whole transfer, and we are seeing the blessings of dedicated hard work. This has been a transfer filled to the brim with miracles for all the companionships. Lakewood is on fire (to which our ZLs put #LakeofFire on the bottom of their texts) and so the rest of the mission has put #BeatLakewood on the bottom of theirs.
Just a little friendly rivalry in the mission. Keeping the spirit, accelerating the work, the usual.

And here is a snapshot of our District's last lunch.  Family photos are our favorite.

Transfer calls came in (cue dramatic music). Cassell and I are staying here in Parkland another round and Davis is moving on up to Bainbridge Island. So packing has become the decomp activity of choice the past few days.
Sister Davis might have gotten carried away in her packing efforts.

The lingering pot in the air here (and the resulting secondhand highs) might be to blame for our strange behavior.
(or missionaries are just weird. that one's almost as likely)

As much love as I can muster,

Sister Bishop

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