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Monday April 14, 2014     3:12 pm EDT        Week 6



This Parkland Sister has survived another week among hoodrats, the homeless and weedshops (they're all pretty prevalent, but our message is for everyone so we love them all). I am currently in the community library and the best and brightest of Parkland are here. To my right is a SURx3 gangmember researching bundt cake recipes and to my left is a man that's been trying to convince my companion that he is a wizard.  #squibstatus
This is Parkland. This is real life.

And this is a classy statue in our area.

The weather here has been surprisingly sunny this past week (to which everyone in the state is crazy over. I've had a few people say I brought the sunshine; so, I blame myself, haha
The fact that there has been sun does not mean that there has not been rain though, that would be preposterous! So my trusty rainboots have already been broken in and well-loved.

Some Lakewood zone updates: my zone has a goal of 30 baptisms for this transfer, and my comps and I have a goal of 4, but as life tends to go, all of our amazing investigators who either were on date or should be have been on date have become delayed/dismayed/distracted. Que sera, sera.

We are currently teaching a LOT. Chloe, Mindy, John, Roman, Allen, Anna, Nicolas, Mele, Ty, Gabriela, Melisa, Kareem, Lezlie, Karen and Swayne. Plus a ton of referrals from the Spanish Elders - so we're keeping busy!

We also had a Missionary Fireside last night for our stake. It was awesome to have over a hundred missionaries in the area come together for music and testimonies of the Savior. We sang hymns and an arrangement of "Amazing Grace" and I sang "Be Still My Soul" with a few other missionaries. It was pretty dang awesome.

If you haven't seen it already, watch the Because of Him video about the Savior (
Watch it. Share it. Let it change you. It's worth two minutes of your time. I promise.

I don't know about you, but I am beyond thrilled that Easter is almost upon us. It is probably my favorite thing to celebrate; that Christ not only died for each and every one of us, but that He also lives for us. 
So please don't get discouraged. When you hit rock bottom, understand that the rock you are building on is Jesus Christ. He will lift you. He will strengthen you. He will save you.

Sending love from Lakehood,
- Still Green

P.S.  take Elder Ballard's advice and send me your PMG insights (;

P.P.S.  Sister Davis really does love this water tower.

P.P.P.S.  and so do I

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