Sunday, March 16, 2014

One week down, 77 to go

March 15, 2014

One week down, 77 to go

Hello world,

How are things on the outside? I heard from one of my teachers that BYU is getting a new president - what the what? I leave for one week and things start changing (:
All I know is that "whoosh Cecil" isn't very transferable. It is so strange being disconnected from the regular goings on of the world. Hopefully Ukraine is still holding up and world war three hasn't started, and California is still one state. But letsbehonest I wouldn't really hear about it for a while if it did happen.

This week has flown by - we have learned so much about teaching, loving and serving. It's really amazing to see how much me and my district has grown up and grown together in the past week and a half.


#TrueFacts about the MTC: 
-  The food leaves much to be desired. What it lacks in quality, it makes up for in quantity.
-  Having been a former employee has its perks, i.e. running into friends and coworkers, having strings to pull when you need them, not ever getting lost, being able to navigate out of the missionary browser security settings if necessary...
-  Quiet time each evening: it is as mythical as it sounds - I have truly come to understand that some females have a very high minimum decibel level. 
-  Sisters here have this habit of singing in the shower, which is fine, I was prepared for that. I was not prepared for the spontaneous harmonizing that happens when one sister starts performing the hymnal at 6:15. #pitchperfectanyone?
-  Like everyone told me, being in the devotional choir is worth it. Definitely.
-  Also, temple walks on Sunday are so good. and so necessary. 
-  Foursquare is a matter of life and death. It gets ugly.