Friday, March 7, 2014

HI!!! from the MTC

March 6, 2014  11:30 pm from the MTC Provo

Mama! Daddy!

I'm alive.

So I've survived my first day - whew. I sent a letter out today so hopefully that will get there shortly (:

Let me answer your questions first.

The MTC is good. I feel very comfortable here, honestly. It's kind of strange walking into 18M where our classroom is and not immediately clocking in though haha. I luckily don't have the newbie phase where you get lost and don't know how to find anything or where to go, it's quite a blessing.

Things I need: 

Mom/Dad, I need one of you to call the Health Clinic located in Springville  I need a copy of my immunization record ):
Sorry to stress you out haha. Please let me know by Saturday when I email you back if you need more/better information. 

If you would send out a copy of my patriarchal blessing in my package to Tacoma, that'd be awesome.

Other than that things seem alright.

My teachers are Brother Holmquist and Rand Erickson (the Training Coordinator for this area) and we also have a few floating zone resource teachers on occasion. I've been acquainted with Brother Erickson before, but never directly since he isn't over any teachers that I would have sub in my department. They are both great, very sincere and knowledgeable. I think the most different part of the MTC is the residence hall because I've never had any reason to really be in there. It's just like going to a sports camp though in the way everyone is shoved in for a short time.

I have seen quite a few of my friends (mostly teachers) and I met Sister Flanigan today actually.

There are four sisters in our district, all going to Tacoma, and we all are in one room. Bunk beds, yes; but I have the bottom bunk, so all is well. My companion is Sister Swann and I'll tell you all more about my district/zone on my p day (which is Saturday - and my scheduled time to email will be in the morning, so you can expect me to be online around 8:30ish)

Thanks for the compliments, I had a lot of help getting outfitted for the mission (:

Much love coming your way. I miss you both tons, and Gus too. Give him lots of belly rubs and maybe even a treat or two!