Sunday, June 28, 2015

Let Zion In Her Beauty Rise

Week 68       June 22, 2015  3:55 pm EDT         Let Zion In Her Beauty Rise

Last Stop: Lacey

Sister Harris and I are going one more round together here in Lacey 3rd - so it seems I'm in my final resting place. All the "Senior Sister" jokes are starting to get a bit old (oh the irony) but only becoming more accurate.

And for more transfer buzz: Sister Kramer will be training - so I'll finally be a grandma (again, the old lady jokes are becoming so real.)

This past week was awesome. Another week full of road trips and reunions.
First and foremost, Debbi had her baptism - her transformation over the past few months has been amazing - her family has been through the ringer, but her and her family are wanting to get to the temple so they can be sealed together and to their parents.

We then skedaddled back to Parkland for Pierre's baptism. Blessed Parkland.
I'll take you down memory lane real quick - Peirre married the Parkland Bishop's daughter Nicholle last summer. Pierre has attended church for the past year with her and the family, but didn't feel the need to be baptized. While sitting in Stake conference, he finally realized that he needed to be with Nicholle for forever. So he told Bishop he wanted to be baptized, read entire The Book of Mormon in three weeks, set a date for him and Nicholle to be sealed in the Logan temple in a year and was baptized on Saturday.
I'm pretty sure I got more hugs from walking into that church building than I have had in the past few transfers combined. Parkland will always be where I belong.
(President didn't receive the same revelation I did that I should double out the elders and die there haha.)

Our mission headed up to Zion's Camp in good old Belfair (lemme just visit all my old areas in one week haha)
Sister Harris, Madsen, Heaton and I facilitated the ropes courses for the sisters; it was an entirely different learning experience from last year being on our end of the courses. The theme through out Zions Camp was becoming like the people of Ammon - facing insurmountable challenges with faith, supporting each other's weaknesses with our strengths, developing trust and letting go of what holds us back.

What do we choose to take with us? What do we choose to leave behind?

Lay aside your weapons of war - fight against God no more.
(​see Alma 23:7)

Onward ever onward.

- elizabeth