Monday, June 15, 2015

Here Comes The Sun

Week 66  June 8, 2015   8:53 pm EDT   Here Comes The Sun

Hello hello -

This week has been full of some pretty awesome things. Scott was able to be baptized on Saturday and Sister Rasmussen and Diener (and their companions) were able to come back for it.

 Scott was able to receive an answer to be baptized in a dream, just like he (and we) prayed he would. He is super excited to keep moving forward, learning and making new friends in the church. 

Pro Tips from Lacey:

* If you want to be part of the in crowd, name your children after leafy greens - we have three kids in the 3rd ward named Kale. (yep.)

* Invest in fiber.

* Find the right size of baptism suit before the baptism. It's less awkward for all involved this way.

* Check for screens before putting a fan in the second-story window. It'll make your night go a whole lot easier.

* If you go on an exchange, remember to bring clothes for the next day. 

* If you go on an exchange, remember to not leave your clothes behind the next day.

* If you go on an exchange, remember to not leave your clothes behind the next day.

* Actually read the label on medicine to avoid giving your companion four times the recommended dose of allergy medicine. Again, it'll make your night go a whole lot easier.

* Keeping consecrated oil on you will come in handy. You might just save the day.

* You can come to the conclusion that your bishop is a dead ringer for Steve Carrell  and Tom Hanks with a military haircut (and minus the humor), just don't tell him that conclusion.

* Fresh cut flowers will look great at your baptism, the bugs and spiders that accompany them, will not.

* If you can't get an acceptable selfie after three tries, you probably won't, so just stop.

* Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.

* When going to a 5 Stake Youth Dance Festival, remember that it will be hotter than hades inside the pavilion.   Also, Restoration and Plan of Salvation pamphlets make great fans for such occasions.

* Pay attention to the kids - you'll find new people to teach, new friends and people who are ready to learn and listen. Don't overlook 'em.

* Moving in after elders who leave everything behind will actually come in handy when your recent convert has a need for white shirts, ties and dress pants. 

* Service opportunities involving cuddly baby animals will always make you smile.

* Relate everything in District Meeting to the Testaments to prove that you're a real missionary...

* Remember that if you enlist the help of six elders to help you move quickly and efficiently, the move will end up being neither of those things (though you'll get out of a lot of heavy lifting).

* Wearing a bag of ice on your head will help you beat the heat on hot days in the sun.

* Seeing the people you love from your first area afar off will turn you into that freaky sister missionary who runs after people in parking lots screaming. And you won't care.

Life has been good. It really has. And it hasn't slowed down at all. 
Lacey's been a great place to learn new things and remember things we've learned before.
It seems to me that is what this life really is about, to learn from experience all the things that we had been taught previously. Our time here is short (see Elder Stevenson's talk 'Your Four Minutes" for more on that subject) but we've been well-prepared for it. We were born to learn, grow, thrive, succeed. You were born to lead, and you were born for glory (see Isaiah 62:2–3).

- elizabeth