Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Week 67   June 15, 2015      3:58 EDT        Reunited And It Feels So Good

This week has been full of all the things.
Think this:

Things are moving along well in Lacey - we have a few new investigators that have really benefitted from our refocused and simple lessons. Lorainne, Cameron, Tien and Cassidy all want to be baptized (!)
So I'll be sure to keep y'all posted on my end of all this

We had a great exchange with the Olympia 4th Sisters Rasmussen and Carr. Sister Carr is anything but green and is already a powerhouse teacher. We also saw the ugliest cat alive. Exhibit A:

Our mission was pleased as punch to have Brother Gonzales and Hemmingway (a director and manager of proselyting from Salt Lake and the MTC) come and give a phenomenal training about the Doctrine of Christ, teaching simply, planning and goal setting and helping all we meet come closer to the Savior.
It was an all day affair, but oh so good.

The next day we also had a leadership training for Zion's Camp this week - so some of our best friends were able to stay with us for the night and drive with us 
Time with Sister Brewster and Swann are always good times (:

We were also able to attend Lincoln's baptism in Belfair, which was very spiritual and emotional. It made such an impact on Lincoln's older sister who has been struggling to commit to be baptized but wants to (her biological dad is Catholic and she's afraid he'll want to sever ties) and now knows the amazing amount of proven support she has. So many of the missionaries that taught her were there and she was crying from the all love for her and her brother. Lincoln's father and grandparents were there - all nonmembers; the father was very supportive of Lincoln making his own choices from the beginning, but the baptism was a big turning point for him as well. Sister Diener was able to talk with him about what he felt and he wants to learn more for himself now. This family just keeps getting closer and closer to being together forever. It's awesome.

Lincoln being a stud with all the sister missionaries

Sister Harris and I finally got to cash in on having our babies (Sister Kramer and Warburton) serve together in Belfair - sweet, sweet reunion. ​

​Sister Harris and I were also asked last minute to speak on Sunday - because missionaries never say no to an opportunity to teach and testify and all that jazz. Especially on the spot.

Please just remember that I love you and that I love this work.
No effort is ever wasted in helping people feel the love God has for them.

- elizabeth

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