Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Light Shineth In Darkness

Week  46   Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015   3:23 EST    The Light Shineth In Darkenss 

"My sweet, young friends" (sorry that nobody outside the WaTac will understand that reference.),

The past week has been super rainy/foggy/windy, but we have survived just fine in Belfair. A big windstorm came through and we woke up Sunday morning with no electricity, no heat and no water....lots of fallen trees on the peninsula. Getting ready for church after an exchange in the cold/dark wasn't something I would recommend haha. (A big shout out to my ever-prepared father for sending a flashlight for Christmas.)
We managed through the roads to get to our ward council/church meetings since the church building still had power (but no water). Since we have a lot of rural areas, much of our area was impassable/without power so the ward was a little sparse. It was also a very big game for the Seahawks so who knows...I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. That being said, it looks like the Super Bowl is going to make for some crazy encounters in the coming week. People here are a bit obsessed, and as someone (possibly blasphemously) said in sacrament meeting, "I know that God is a 12".
Our power and such didn't get turned back on for many more hours, to our dismay; but we just ate apples and peanut butter in our warmest coats in our house and made do.

This week we also had park day (let me quickly re-emphasize the difficulty of park day in Belfair. It ain't easy.)
But that's okay, we managed to make it to our appointments by a couple of miracles and even found a new investigator named Michelle who has been to our church before and wants to learn more. Sweet.

We had an exchange with Highland Hills on the only dry day of the week (exchange miracles?) and though everything we possibly had planned fell through, it was full of random lessons that came out of nowhere. And when the sun shines, everything is just better (:

Some fantastic news - Sue from Lincoln ward was baptized!
I was so sad that I couldn't be there for it, but I am very excited for her to keep moving forward with God's help (:

As the days have been getting a little bit lighter out and the nights a little bit shorter, I've been thinking about light and how we understand things by the light shed on them. John 1:5 "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."  Because we are children of God, we are made of light, we are drawn to light, and we understand light. It is who we are.
And it is simply easier to give off light when we know it is already within us.
Arise and shine forth, friends.

Sister Bishop and the gang. Aka the models of safety. Aka mission office shenanigans.
Thank heavens these are not actually required for proselyting.

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