Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Shining New Era Is Tiptoeing Nearer

Week 43  Monday December 29, 2014. 6:25 pm EST    A Shining New Era Is Tiptoeing Nearer    

Guys. Heylp. 2014 is drawing to a close and life seems to be moving way too fast.
This past week has been awesome, despite the fact that missionary work was a tad interrupted by all the festivities.

So ever since Sister Diener found out I titled my last email after lyrics from "White Christmas" (aka (such devoted Sisters"), paired with the fact that each zone performs a skit at the WaTac Christmas party, music/lyrics have been on the brain. That being said, this email is littered with them (you've been warned.)

This week has been eventful. I don't even know where to start, so I'll start with Christmas. As my only Christmas on the mission, it definitely was top notch. Christmas included calls home to the the best people on the planet (plus almost all the siblings/nieces/nephews trying to talk at the same time haha) 

Caroling with the district and the Gig Harbor zone

Sending Christmas cards out the wazoo (I think I might be keeping the Belfair postal service employed on my own.)

WaTac Christmas party. And all that jazz.​

We are officially past the winter solstice, so slowly but surely there will be more light up here because even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. And in other news the weather up here has been inconsistent, to say the least. We've had torrential rain/flooding, super cold/wind and widow maker trees, to brilliantly sunny skies that reflect in the sound - we'll call it confidence in sunshine, eh?

But mostly it's been wet and cold. But it's all good, the cold never bothered me anyway. (It's just the rain that does. And the dark. But I'll take the cold haha)

On the adventurous side, Sister Diener had her very first encounter with Starbucks this week. (Taylor the latte boy anyone?)

Secret sleepovers in Tacoma with Wonder Woman - aka Sister Thompson

District family dinner because there's nothing like a little love at home

I also found a totem pole smack in the middle of Bremerton. I'd throw something in here about colors of the wind, but that would be both a stretch for this email as well as historically inaccurate, since this ain't a Powhatan totem pole...but I digress.

So all in all, there's been a lot happening this week and my brain has turned to mush. The fact that I've made it this far into this email without imploding is a great success haha. Blame it on the ADD.
The end of the year tends to make one reflect on life. The past year has been as insane as ever, with more highs and lows than I could have anticipated or would have asked for, but I have been changed for good
So as you consider goals and resolutions and accomplishments remember that we set goals to show faith, and we follow up on goals to count our blessings. This is as true in missionary work as it is in "real life". Take my word for it.
And as you look forward to the coming year, remember: come what may, and love it.

Remember me once in a while, please promise me you'll try. (:


P.S. try and find me.