Sunday, January 18, 2015

Do It With Grace

Week 44      Jan. 5, 2015  5:35 pm EST    Do It With Grace                 

Transfers are in: these sisters are both staying in Belfair (with Big Bubba)

Our New Years Eve was spent switching back from an exchange in Tacoma, district meeting and knocking early on the prettiest day we've had in a long while.

Why, hello Puget Sound!

Ringing in the New Year hasn't really brought a lot of change to our lives, Belfair's just being Belfair, just with a lot more rain.  

Pro Tip: a good way to start the year off right - have investigators come to church. Simple, right?Yesterday we had 5 people come to church. (Considering we had nobody show up the week of Christmas and one last week, this is nigh unto a miracle.) One of the people who came was Patrick, a little old man who looks like Pappy from Pappyland (seriously, go look him up) that we knocked into a while back. We had given him information for the church services and told him he would always be welcome, since he didn't seem very interested in hearing more about the resto at the time. But lo and behold, Patrick showed up out of the blue and brought his wife Candy with him. The ward had an awesome sacrament meeting and though our gospel principles teacher didn't show up, people still liked the impromptu lesson we gave.
What made church even better was that we got to spend time doing the music in primary - best job ever.

With transfers, we are losing some of our good friends in the district, so they'll be off spreading the love elsewhere in the WaTac. We are a strange bunch, but it works.

Now, one cannot think of the WaTac without thinking of grace. (It's kind of a big deal here)
Grace is a cool word. And a cooler concept. And I've been thinking about how one can "do it with grace." It is more than just doing it and it's more than doing it well: it is something about attitude, willingness. It means being gracious, like royalty. It means doing it with our own grace, as well as doing it with the grace offered through Jesus Christ. It all comes down to understanding who we truly are. Fully understanding that the people we see each and every day are literally sons and daughters of God. Recognizing the inherent sacred royalty within them. Living up to this title within ourselves.
So do our actions emote and illicit grace? 1 John 3:2 says that when we see Christ we will be like him, that is, we will have become like him. As we come to understand the Savior, we understand better and better who we are; who we have really been all along. By grace we are able to become who the King of Kings sees us becoming. 

So go out there and do it with grace.

With love (and hopefully some semblance of grace),