Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just Happy

Week 45   Jan  12, 2015  4:32 EST          Just Happy


Today was a very good week.

Not because people didn't come to church, nor because this flu bug is tearing through Belfair, nor because we found out that one of our investigators was traipsing around the forest on meth, nor because a miracle investigator dropped the missionaries we had to hand her over to last transfer

This week was a very, very good week because I was able to go back to Parkland (home sweet home sweet home)  for a baptism; and not just any baptism - but Mimi's, Chloe and Mindy's mama.

Mindy, me, Mimi and Chloe (:

Needless to say, I am thrilled that Mindy and Chloe have proved to be the means for much good (ahem, D&C 6:8) in being missionaries to their whole family. Hearing these daughters bear testimony to their mom about baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost and their family's future of being sealed in the temple was the sweetest. God is good. Life is good.
On the other hand, in my time out, I've been feeling increasingly more forgetful - it's almost humorous (almost). So it's all about the basics these days. In "True To The Faith" under the topic Prayer, it says: "If you have a difficult task before you, Heavenly Father is pleased when you get on your knees and ask for help and then get on your feet and go to work. He will help you in all your righteous pursuits, but He seldom will do something for you that you can do yourself."
We cannot forget that the whole point of this life is to remember God and work hard at it. Forget the extraneous stuff.
So forgetting isn't always a bad thing. In the words of Gordon B. Hinckley - "Forget yourself and go to work."


"Next time, on The District"

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