Monday, December 1, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

Week 37   November 18, 2014  5:57 pm EST.    Baby Its Cold Outside

Most nights when Sister Lomu and I come in we have to spend a little while defrosting. And on occasion I find her in front of the heater in our little room cocooned up. 
As a reminder to all: skirts are drafty.

But I'll take all this cold over the rain any day. We have been super blessed to have had some really clear skies this past week and more than an expected amount of sun (:

Our week has been fairly low key, just working away here in Lincoln. We met a man on the street on Wednesday who would only speak to us in animal that was fun.

Knocking near the Tacoma Dome

And a memorable dinner with an investigator and one of the most interesting families in the ward

We had our ward's Primary Program on Sunday and our tiny little investigator Amaura participated (and did an awesome job, even if she didn't know all the words to the songs yet). Her and Makai and his little sister Sakaia just loved church/primary. Now if only we could get the rest of their families to feel the same way...

We also had an awesome little miracle with a woman we have been working with for months now, Sue. We have dinner with her and Sister Whitney each Friday; she comes prepared with gospel questions for us to answer and we come with a little lesson to share. Sue has slowly progressed from reluctant participant to looking for questions to stump us to genuinely wanting to know more and feel what we feel. On Friday she was the happiest we have ever seen her and she told us this story about how she has come to know that the principle of paying tithing is true and that it brings blessings. As our conversation wore on, she told us that she will get baptized exactly one week after she quits smoking (neither of which things we have committed her to do yet).
She knows this is true. She knows she wants to be baptized. She knows God will help her get there.

So all in all, life is good. Crazy and strange and oh so good.

In light of facing hard things, we here in the WaTac hold on to Hebrews 11:40 (JST)
"God having provided some better things for them through their sufferings, for without sufferings they could not be made perfect."
Ofa lahi atu (did I mention Lomu's teaching me Tongan? haha)

- Elizabeth