Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sister Sister! Talk about a two way twister

Week 36  November 12, 2014 5:20 EST    Sister Sister!  Talk about a two way twister

Okay, so here's a rundown of the past week:

- "Clay date" with Patricia (who works with a whole lotta clay and who we are working with) and our creations

​(and yes...Sister Lomu bleeds red. We've managed to settle our differences somehow haha)

- Our investigator Emily rocking it at Young Women in Excellence

- Quotable quote from Goldy: "with the Holy Ghost with you, you never have to roll up solo."

- Miraculously having seven people at church on Sunday (plus all of Smitty and Kelly's little tykes)

- "He is There: A Convert's Story" - a musical fireside by Orson Scott Card that we were able to take Emily and Amaura to (which they loved, despite a very unfortunate sound system)

 Meeting with Laundromat Jim (who lets us wash our clothes for freeeee)

- various P Day shenanigans

- Hunting down Cub Scout apparel for an investigator

- Mission Tour with Elder Snow of the Seventy - which was a great learning experience despite the power outages (clear and sunny skies make for very windy days up here. And windy days make for downed power lines)

- Having the Silverdale and Tacoma zones together at last

- The Tacoma and Lakewood Recent Convert Fireside

- Lessons on lessons on lessons

- The best weather we've seen in weeks

- and a short 7 days until Sister Bishop (that Philippino one) gets home (!)

Missionaries are busy people; and this week was no exception to the rule.
We are stoked for Emily, Makai and Amaura to get baptized in the coming weeks and have been going nonstop to get them (read: their parents) ready.

With Becky finishing up her service, a quote from Marjorie Hinkley concerning missionary work has been on my mind: "It is a wonderful thing you are doing, but it is the least you could do."

The opportunity to serve is short. And given the blessings we've been granted, it isn't much of a sacrifice. We talk about giving up things to go on a mission, but it's more of trading up. The blessings are innumerable and unequivocal. 

All my lovin'

- Elizabeth

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