Sunday, July 19, 2015

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Week 71  July 13, 2015     3:59 pm EDT        Country Roads, Take Me Home

This week has been full of exchanges, good things with silly friends, and silly things with good friends. 

Life is winding down and speeding up at the same time and I've become a paradox of emotion. But life goes on with or without you, so it's best to keep up and find joy in it.

Sometimes I forget that we live in western Washington, and western Washington is forest at heart and sometimes wilderness by choice. 
And then I see this:

and I remember that this place isn't always as urbanized as I think.​
(to which Sister Harris replies by singing, "makin' my way down town, walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound")

Sometimes it feels like we are just wandering, but we are never truly lost. There is purpose in the journey we take, regardless of detours or setbacks.

More often than not, I feel like we are "wanderers in a strange land" (see Alma 13:23) because if you haven't noticed, the pacific northwest is a pretty strange place. Also pretty. And just strange. But we do not wander aimlessly - on a mission or in life. We have purpose, and responsibilities,  roles that only we can fill, eternities that only we can change. We are here because we came to succeed. We need not ever feel lost. Heavenly Father gave us a first class, round trip ticket - paid in full by Jesus Christ - to bring us home. So it's up to us to live up to that privilege.

Until next time,


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