Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lost In Lacy

Week 63  May 18, 2015   2:56 pm EDT         Lost In Lacy

The weekly update:

My last days on the Island were spent at a ward bonfire at Fay Bainbridge Park with some of my favorite families. It was bittersweet, and a the temperature dipped enough to warrant a good FHE with a fire (:

Sister Madsen and I also walked the beach gathering sand dollars and making little friends for our last morning (it counts as exercise, right?)

Now that I'm officially in Lacey 3rd, here are my compadres: Sister Harris and Elders Leber and Sheehan. We're less than a week in, but we are all great friends and are seeing #miracles all over the area and the zone (the hastags just won't die.)

Being doubled in is by and large crazy, since you literally have no idea who people are, where things are located or how to get home to your apartment the first night....
but doubling in after Sister Diener is as much of a cake walk as it could be - she is thorough - I would know, since I've doubled out with her before (Hello Belfair)

Harris and I have found some miracle new investigators, had an awesome church tour with a guy named Christian that us and the Elders found within days of each other and almost started teaching simultaneously, and I can get to the church, the stake center and to our apartment from anywhere in the area without a gps - which is great (just don't ask me to be able to get to anywhere else yet)

Sister Harris is from Albuquerque (and if this computer didn't have spellcheck, I wouldn't have spelled that correctly.) and was roommates with Cathy from Belmont Ridge. What a very, very small world it is.

She's a gem.

Life is hectic and wonderful and short.
So remember Jacob 6:12, and you'll be fine.

From Lacey with love,

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