Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Ma Ma Ma Ma Mad Madness

Week 52   March 2, 2015   5:21 EST    March Ma Ma Ma Ma Mad Madness

Hello folks,
Life is good in the land of my foremothers Davis and Cassell.

Some of the folks we are teaching include Paul and Christine, who are on date for March 15. Christine is overcoming severe agoraphobia but they are both in love with the gospel and church; she's working on making church a safe place all the time. They are also in love with Beyonce, Daughters In My Kingdom and Abraham 3. So if you are looking for conversations that include Sasha Fierce, Uchtdorf and Kolob all in one sentence, you'll have to come to their house for a lesson.
Spencer is on date to be baptized on March 21 - we are just waiting for his best friend to return from his mission to baptize him. He is doing great and always has funny questions for us. 

March Madness is upon us, and it's more than just basketball for us in the WaTac. It's a high intensity (and only slightly competitive - p. 22 of the white handbook, yo.) study of Preach My Gospel for the month. Last year our mission had over 80 baptisms during March, and we don't think it's any coincidence that we were able to see those miracles concurrently with our extensive studies. 

I also went to Sequim (pronounced 'skwim') with Sister Wilkinson this week, which was a blast. Sequim is known for a few things, including being in the rain shadow so they get the least amount of rain on the peninsula by far, and it is populated by a whole lotta old people. So naturally, while there we worked with/visited the geriatric crowd but it rained cats and dogs, almost literally. It washed the car pretty good, so that's a plus.
Sister Wilkinson is training Sister Naupoto up there and they are doing great work.

(​Sometimes your only option is a selfie from the car hood across from the casino...yep.)

Other happenings on the Island include a surprise park day, life-changing Priesthood blessings, our Book of Mormon bookclub and "catpoints" (I'll have to explain catpoints later haha).

In mission news, Elders Maynes, Nielson and Bussey of the Seventy are visiting our mission this Saturday, so that'll be very exciting for all of us. Times are few and far between when the entire mission is able to get together like this. I'll get more to you about it next week

Sister Smith and I are happy as clams, though sickness is sweeping through the island (aka flu and whooping cough and perhaps the black plague too.)
We are taken care of well on Bainbridge, and we are looking for ways to really kickstart member missionary work here. 

I love you guys. Remember that when it comes down to it, it is impossible for us to break the commandments, we can only break ourselves against the commandments. All that God asks us to do is for us to learn, grow and experience the full measure of our potential. Obedience brings blessings, every time.

- Elizabeth

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