Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Week 50  Feb 17, 2015  4:11 EST.       Transfers

hey i'm on!!!

but i only have a few minutes before i have to jet over to transfer meeting

Washington has had freakishly warm weather (mid 50's) for a while now, so it looks like strange weather patterns everywhere
Life is good - just got transfer calls: I'm going to Bainbridge Island and Sister Diener is going to Lacey. A sister is taking our spot and will train a new missionary in Belfair, so it won't be an STL area anymore

have i mentioned that doubling out is stressful? so much paperwork

I'm going to the land of rich hippies haha

I'll definitely get the names sent off to becky when I'm done with them

Kim was baptized saturday - it was super sweet. 
I'll try to get a good email out about it with pictures and such (:

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