Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 29 Parklandia

Week 29  Sept. 22, 2014  3:45 pm EDT        Parklandia

Things learned this week:

- Little old British ladies make for the best investigators.
- Laying under pine trees = sap in your hair.
- Sap in your hair = impossible to get out.
- Musical numbers don't need accompanists to be awesome.
- How to make Sister Blatter's delicious (and painful) Scrunch and Munch cookies.
- Patience. Always more patience.
- Sometimes your Ward Mission Leader's cars both break down, so it's handy to have a Model A on hand to get to church.

- Sometimes your Ward Mission Leader will let you drive said Model A.

- When investigators want to come to church, they randomly end up in the ER on Saturday night.

- Investigators also love banana bread; it tends to make things better.
- Giant pumpkins are like, a thing around here.
(This one is still in its infancy:)

(Picture didn't come thru)

​- Catching up on a journal takes twice as long as just writing in the first place.
- Classical music has been approved for our mission! (Can I get an amen?)
- Park days include some aimless wandering. As does life.

(Picture didn't come thru)

​- Park days make for tired greenies. 

(Exhibit A:)

(Picture didn't come thru)

- Exchanges will keep you sane.
- President and Sister Blatter put on a great fireside (:
- There's nothing like the testimony of a recent convert to make you love this work.
- Fear of failure and inadequacy will only hold you back from your potential.
- Dish soap ≠ dishwasher detergent.
- Flooding the dishwasher makes it simpler to mop the floor.

Besides finding possible scriptural evidence for food in heaven (see Matthew 26:29), something that hit home this week was how in this work and in this life, we must always be improving and changing; reaching higher and becoming more creative. In this battle of souls, no casualties are acceptable. In Alma 49:5-9 we see the people had prepared themselves for war in a way above the standard that when the enemy came to battle they were left without a way to attack.

"to their uttermost astonishment, they were prepared...in a manner which never had been known"

The battle had been won before it had even begun. The people had listened to prophetic counsel and acted in accordance. They reached higher and were protected and blessed because of it. So how can we prepare ourselves for bigger and better things? The battle will only rage on; we need to dig deep and stand taller, fortify ourselves and each other. 

Richard G. Scott: "To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done"

So go out there and do something big.

Always so lovingly -
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