Monday, September 29, 2014

A little ditty 'bout *John and Diane

Week 30    Sept. 29, 2014  3:35 pm EDT.   A little ditty 'bout *John and Diane

So President and Sister Blatter pulled a surprise on the WaTac and told us that we would be going to Zion's Camp this past week. Zion's Camp is a church-owned recreation property up in Belfair, WA and is a girls camp, ropes course kinda place. The mission didn't think that we would be able to get up there this year, but Sister Blatter pulled through and got all the arrangements made for us to go. Lakewood zone went up the first day with the Elma, Centralia, Olympia, Lacey and Tacoma East zones.

There were opportunities all day to build unity with our companion and fellow missionaries, and build faith in ourselves, each other and in the Savior. 

Pretty much, Zion's Camp was the coolest thing ever. Remind me to tell you about The Wall when I have more time to reminisce.

And all that adventuring makes for some sleepy sisters.

(one hour bliss for these girls - it's the only nap they'll get.)

And another surprise from the Blatters: at the end of our time at Zion's Camp we then got to watch a screening copy of "Meet the Mormons" - which was way awesome (both to see it because we've heard so much about it, and to watch a real movie actually being shown in theaters.) 
To learn more, go check out 

This week we were also blessed to have Andrea come knocking with us.
(Lessons with, please and thank you.)
 Our faces are not a reflection of our true feelings...

Other super exciting things happening in the near future - sessions of General Conference! If the General Women's Meeting was any indicator of the awesome spiritual feast to come, it is going to be stellar. I love that in the women's meeting they focused on covenants, temples and our divine identity; all powerful sources of strength. Eternal blessings transcend any short-term sacrifice.

And in the words of my main man, Dieter*: Your best self is your real self.

So I'm going to go find my real self by being my best self. Feel free to do likewise. 

*all respect and reverence due to an Apostle of Jesus Christ, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. 

Most sincerely, and with a tiny froggy friend,

P.S. after months of anticipation, I finally spotted the nuns of Parkland - my fellow Sisters!

I am also very grateful for whatever dress standard church headquarters gives, those habits look none too breezy.

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