Monday, August 11, 2014

The Week That Everyone Went On Vacation

Week 23  August 11, 2014   3:37 pm EDT   The Week That Everyone Went On Vacation 

(except for us, of course)

This week has been good, despite the fact that it seems every person we could possibly teach is out of town - though it isn't nearly as bad as my dad's summers in Spain. (His mission stories are just now starting to really sink in.)

"Open Your Mouth" is an initiative that President Blatter has been starting - really it's just an invitation to do just that, open your mouth, to everyone conceivable. Share the gospel at all times, in every situation. Just do it. We've been marking the miracles that happen because of it.

People talk about how a mission will teach them all sorts of things about the gospel, Jesus Christ, habits, people and life. so I've made a list of the past week for your enjoyment.

Some things I learned this week:

Spanish Sign Language is not the same as American Sign Language. We couldn't communicate super well with Luis, but hey, he still wanted to pray with us! Feeling rusty? Sí.

I've forgotten everything. People's names. Pin numbers. All the words to songs I used to know backwards and forwards. Somebody send help; my brain is quite likely turning to mush. 

Camp chairs actually are quite handy to have. We were able to have a lesson at the beginning of the week with John and Brother Dodge was able to accompany us. Yay for fellowship! Meh for still not going inside. So we decided to hit up Brookdale for their camp chairs and had an awesome lesson with the two older gentlemen on the chairs and us on John's porch. 

A big shoutout to Pedersen and Rasmussen for always having the most random of items for us to borrow at a moments notice.
Exchanges are a lot more fun when you have people to teach. Or at least, when the people you're teaching are in the state. But who doesn't like knocking doors for a couple extra hours?

Why Cassell and I were mysteriously ill? Yes, friends. Scripture studying does in fact give you the answers to life's important questions. Please see: (1 Nephi 19:20and 17:47) "For behold, I have workings in the spirit, which doth weary me even that all my joints are weak" and " Behold, I am full of the Spirit of God, insomuch that my frame has no strength". (:

It's weird to see your companions in real life. Davis was back up in the WaTac visiting with her mom (I know, two weeks later. She is nothing if not on top of things.) and swung by church!

- I knocked into the only french speaker in Tacoma. C'était magnifique, mais j'ai tout oublié. I even think Chipman was more excited about it than I was. Sylvette was awesome but decidedly not interested in learning more about the happiest message in the world. 

God's timing isn't our timing. Ana is finally on date for August 30th. (11 missionaries later...) but is so excited; she even called her mom right then and there. She is one step closer to being sealed with her family (:

Brother Childs likes to take selfies. Exhibit A:

The gospel of Jesus Christ really is what changes us. Makes us happy. Determines purpose and direction. It's worth it. Because we are worth it.
It's the best.


Sister Bishop number 2

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