Monday, August 4, 2014

From P-land, With Love

Week 22  August 4, 2014  3:35 pm EDT.   From P-land, With Love 

Hello family and friends,

This week we have seen more lessons in one week than Parkland has had in many, many months. Sister Chipman and I are working hard to find new people to teach (with varying success) but effort is always rewarded somehow. Sometimes that means that everything planned falls through and we suddenly have a whole lotta time to sift through potentials or follow up with people who have fallen off the map for a long time or just knock all the day long.

Home sweet home sweet home.

It's been a hot summer for Tacoma (which, everyone we talk to mentions that we are crazy for walking around knocking on doors in this weather) but I love it. I will take this hot and humid and hazy weather over drizzly rain, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. 

Sometimes we are blessed with packages from friends and family (shout out to Eric sending the Nutella (: it is delicious.) which makes for the best day ever. Consider this just a friendly reminder that every missionary loves mail...... (:

Long, hot days require good decomp (read: decompression time after planning at night, for all those not familiar with the lingo). Sometimes we get the best of ourselves and things get a little strange, but who doesn't love shaving cream mustaches and trying to rap the Restoration?

When things get difficult/boring/unrelenting, I remember that the Lord requires us to be tried in all things, good and bad. But this isn't so we are just earning a heavenly reward, but that we are prepared to receive it. (D&C 136:31) We are learning how God wants us learn by serving the way He would. Glorious, ain't it? 

Much love, as always,

​aka: Hulk Hogan and Monopoly Man

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