Monday, July 14, 2014

Another week in WATAC

Week 19  July 14, 2014  4:32 pm EDT    Another week in WATAC    
Things that were awesome:
- the SUN!
- recent converts who have become rockstar fellowship
- people who actually let us do service for them
- playing baseball with Cassell (by ourselves...)
- interviews with the Blatters
- getting dirty planting and pruning
- finding surprises in the mailbox
- taking care of the (growing) puppies while the Bishop is out of town
- district meetings 
- when investigators come to baptisms (AND want to be baptized)
- having a breakthrough with a downtrodden investigator
- being a missionary. it's pretty cool
- sharing the message of the restoration literally everywhere

Hardcore baseball time:
(in case you were wondering, two man baseball works great.)

Love notes in the car:


No meeting is complete without a Testaments movie clip from DISTRICT LEADER PEDERSEN:


Things that were lame:
- no investigators at our ward (though some went to other wards inexplicably.)
- having to push back baptism dates
- no air conditioning in the state of Washington (...possibly an exaggeration)
- when members try to sneakily set you up with their sons... (#awkwardforeverybody)
- getting dropped. yep.
- or outright set up a betrothal (#STAHP.)
- spending half of p day at the doctor's office
- realizing that Cassell and I won't be companions in a week (not really up to us, but almost certain.)
No doctor appointment is complete without the requisite selfie:


Sister Bishop's Spiritual Snippet of the Week:
Don't do dumb things. Just don't.
Mosiah 4:29

Lovin' from the Oven (aka Parkland in a heatwave),

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