Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

Week 57  April 6, 2015 5:10 EDT    Just Another Manic Monday

Friends, family and random citizens,

Sister Madsen and I had an awesome week. We were together in the MTC (though in different districts) and she most recently came from Lakewood.So it's been a blast so far since we both can reminisce about the Lakehood life.
Aaand she's from Orem, so I'm back on my Utahn companion streak (:

General Conference was amazing, as usual. Any opportunity for to receive direct revelation and hear from the Lord's prophet is a treasure. We were even able to watch the Priesthood session with Craig, who we've been really trying to get on date as of late. He left with lots of questions about who God is expecting him to be and how he can better serve others.

I just like General Conference.
General Conference is my favorite.  

The glorious Washington Tacoma mission also had two shout outs Sunday afternoonsession.  President Pearson (three mission presidents ago, and who's quote in my first apartment "if you can't get up on time, you can't do anything right" was etched into my desk) who goes by Kevin W. Pearson these days gave the WaTac a little love in his talk (which was also great. highly recommended.)
And Elder Neil L. Andersen spoke all about the Kaivalvatana family - his daughter (aka Thai Princess Sister K.) just left our mission a few transfers ago. 

(remember to avoid the #SpaciousBuilding, friends

Another highlight was being able to go to the temple with Kim and Sister Diener (and a handful of other Belfair people too). We were each able to bring family names and perform baptisms in proxy.

(this was also the closest thing I'll get to swimming on my mission - definitely relished that too haha)

​The temple just makes people happy (:

and it just doesn't get much better than that.

On the topic of true conversion, we can echo that because of the atonement, our past  'Twas I, but 'tis not I 
We are not who we were, or where or when or why we were. We must be willing to take the risk to trust that we can be irrevocably changed; that's where the faith comes in. No failure is ever final.

- elizabeth